TERRA has ended

TERRA evolves to become the National Road Research Alliance (NRRA)

The Transportation Engineering and Road Research Alliance (TERRA) ended as of June 2015, replaced by the National Road Research Alliance (NRRA). The NRRA will continue to bring together government, industry, and academia in a dynamic partnership to advance innovations in road engineering and construction, including issues related to cold climates. A new pooled fund was established with the change to focus on building a more robust road research and implementation program.

About the NRRA pooled fund

The new NRRA pooled fund is aimed at strategic implementation through cooperative pavement research, with primary emphasis on local and state-sponsored research, implementation, tech transfer, and training. Its supporting structure will include a governing board to set goals and mission, an executive committee to set research objectives and select projects, associates to provide innovative solutions to identified state and local research problems, and academia to provide input on new technology and complete research projects. Key components of the new organization are research project teams, a tech transfer team, and a communications team.

The NRRA pooled fund will help use the MnROAD test track for local, regional, and national research, tech transfer, and implementation needs. The pooled fund will focus on solving problems that impact road owners with an emphasis on customer needs. Road owner agencies will provide input and participate in the decision-making needed for future MnROAD construction and research scheduled in 2017. MnROAD will match up to $2.5 million in construction funding to aid in the development of the next round of test sections at MnROAD to support common goals. Industry, associations, and academia will also play an important role to provide critical input on long-term future trends in research and barriers to implementation, including working with their customers and members who play a direct role in implementation.

Historical TERRA documents

TERRA documents have been archived at the University of Minnesota. Visit the University Library's Digital Conservancy for:

  • TERRA E-News
  • TERRA Research Fact Sheets
  • TERRA Practice-Ready Innovations
  • TERRA organizational brochures and program documents